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The alGROWithm Indicator

alGROWithm was created out of necessity - it is the ultimate fix for emotional trading, exiting too early, and trading without a plan. Our software helps traders in any market by signaling entry points and immediately displaying a trading plan directly on the chart. Take away the noise and trade with confidence!

Works with TradingView on any device, any timeframe, any market.

What's Included

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Check out real examples of alGROWithm in action below:

SPY 5 minute chart - 1/4/21

ROKU daily chart

TSLA daily chart - all of 2020

Why Both Seasoned and New Traders Use alGROWithm

Trading is a skill that requires full emotional control - a characteristic that even the best traders struggle with. alGROWithm's visual trading plan helps you trade like a robot and follow strict Take Profit and Exit rules.

There are a million indicators out there - it is impossible to understand every single one and know which ones work. On top of that, your charts get unbelievably messy and unorganized.

alGROWithm has done the hard work for you, providing real-time signals through automated technical analysis based on a proven strategy we have used for years - all while keeping your charts clean and decluttered.

What people are saying

First day with the bot and I covered more than 6 months of my subscription cost with BABA and AAPL signals. THANK YOU!


This is a GAME CHANGER for me. Thank you so much!


Today, I finally had something to back me up and give me confidence in my trades. Unreal!


Algrowithm has definitely given me an edge. I love the constant feedback that the visual signals provide. My trade performance has definitely improved and it has also allowed me to react quickly to minimize any losses. They have been a pleasure to deal with.


In 3 days of trading this week, I’ve made 10x the annual subscription for the algo, just off this single signal. And done trading by 1030 am EST. When I saw this, I couldn’t believe it. I went back day by day to validate, and it has a huge win percentage and plays out often.